About us

Since 1969 Powerdrive has forged a reputation for solving mounting and installation challenges ranging from simply mounting a speaker to a wall in a fixed position to more specialised vibration-isolating, adjustable assemblies. The original stands for musical instruments evolved into a range of beautifully engineered, British-made lighting and PA stands. Everything we have ever made is built to last - and last they most certainly do, making them perfect for regular touring and hire businesses. 

This web site is the fullest catalogue ever published of our product range and it grows continuously, driven by customer requirements and the ever-expanding choice of loudspeakers and installation possibilities. 

Every product is backed by a five year, no–quibble guarantee

Custom Solutions

Sometimes it is not possible to find a product that will fit the available space, or provide the necessary features.

Powerdrive has a vast array of interchangeable components that can be configured into a bespoke solution but we can also fabricate special parts to meet a particular need. Naturally such products are not instantly available but depending on the nature of the requirement we can provide drawings and computer generated images of a proposed design within a few days - and can often create the product in a matter of days from agreement.

Please call +44 1525 370292, or email us with a sketch to discuss custom solutions. 



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