Finding the right product

You can use the Product Selector Wizard from the home page or choose 'Search products' in the main menu.

If you are looking for a product of a particular type or category the search selections (such as 'Product Category' and 'Mount Position') will allow you to narrow the choices based on the selections made. You can also search for specific loudspeaker manufacturers and models using the 'Speaker Type' dropdown list. (The list of makes and models is continually updated as information is received). Many speakers use common or generic fittings so it is worth looking through, say, the 'Wall' category and 'Bottom' Mount Position for a wall-mounted, bottom-mount speaker bracket (that is to say, the bottom of the speaker mounts to the PowerDrive bracket and the assembly mounts to the wall. 

If you know the PowerDrive bracket SKU (eg 'REF40-B') you can search for it directly in the 'Search SKU code or product name' box, and click on 'Apply' to take you directly to the product's data page. 

If you cannot find the bracket you would like please send us an email from the Contact Us page or call +44 1525 370292 – we're here to help! 

You can sort products by various criteria – remember to click 'Apply' after selecting your criteria and sorting order. 

You can also compare products with one another by going to 'Compare Products' from the top menu and ticking the boxes of the products you would like to compare. Then click 'Compare Selected'. Remember to click 'Clear' between different comparisons to reset the selection. 


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